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Hello DiplomacyCraft users. Today I'm going to discuss many new things that have happened, and I'm going to announce some new changes before the restart/opening of Diplomacy! Some prices are higher, things have been disabled, and certain things harder to get. Below I will be explaining why that is, so you can understand.

New ranks! (RANKS WILL TRANSFER OVER) - Once you come on you will notice tons of new ranks! 

POT PVP - Right when you first wanna go pvp, theres something you will notice! All the kits have been 100% balanced, no more OP Apples, OP armour, etc. You also don't get all the kits below you anymore either! you only get your rank's, and the rank's below. OP Apples are 50k each, however with farms and spawners its very easy to gain! Our main goal was to make the server more oriented towards Pot PvP now.

Lava Flow - Lava flow is now permanently disabled! You may be wondering, why? and theres only 1 solid answer to that! GENERATING WALLS! Having lava flow, players can very easily generate wall after wall (cobblestone walls that is) making it extremely hard to raid! Therefore if the lava can't flow, the walls won't generate.

Hopper Price (NON CRAFTABLE) - So once you get in-game, you will notice that the eco has shifted A TON! Reason being, we based it off of ways to make money, so its more challenging. The reason why hoppers are expensive is because making grinders is a good way to make money. So you may still be sitting there wondering why they are so expensive and NON-CRAFTABLE. The best way to make money is to make a 2x2 base (2 chunk by 2 chunk) and dig it all out down to bedrock, yes it takes a long time, BUT not with a beacon (read the next update below). Now imagine, a cactus farm from bedrock to sky limit, 2 chunk by 2 chunk, and 32 cactus sells for $120. So imagine that to sky limit! easy money if you ask me. So with disabling hoppers, people aren't able to AFK for long amounts of time generating the cactus, because you would have to move to catch the cactus, unless you make a water system which is boring! So having hoppers, its fast and efficient allowing you to be able to AFK.

Beacon - When you come online you will notice that the beacons are also VERY expensive, and as I mentioned the whole hole idea for the 2x2 base, having haste and an efficiency-5 pickaxe makes it go by very quick, so we made them expensive, but not TOO expensive, but affordable.

Money - Overall you will notice farms and spawners are very great way to make some money! 

Edit: Attempted to fix the grammar. -Nitro

Oirbes Please update this post...
abramgray Aaaaaand all my servers got deleted Such Fail Much Hate on my computer it always does that... you guys really need to pu ...
TalonBlaze notice*notice*notice*notice*notice*notice*notice*notice*notice*notice*notice*notice*notice*notice*notice*notice*notice*n ...
Whats up crafters? I know some of you are dying to get back on the server, so I'm going to release the dates on which we are reopening  (which is very soon). I'll try be as concise as possible and I'm certain that everyone will get the jist of what is going to be different and new about the server (and most importantly the same).

The core of our community has always been Factions, this is why when we reopen we will only have the faction server up. I don't expect to make some massive return, with hundreds of players on in the first few hours but I do expect that we will still have a functional player-base. As I stated earlier there are going to be some major changes to how the "Community" works, now I say the word "community" since I mean something quite different to the server itself. Partly a mistake on my part, there has always been those members who disrupt the community and create a negative environment on the server. To a certain extent these players can sometimes create some enjoyable PvP experience because it feels good when you kill them, but when there is certain members who are constantly pickering and creating a negative environment on the server we are going to pretty much straight up perma-ban you. This means that "RULES" will be pretty clear and you will know what and what can't you do, we are also introducing a vote ban type setup. Where the community can rally together and vote for someone to be banned and in most cases (unless the reason is complete nonsense) we will be willing to hear your voices and ban them.

As far as the gameplay goes, it's pretty much going to be standard. I'm going to be focussed "HEAVILY" on creating a non-lag and professional environment. This means from the moment you jump on the server when it opens there is going to be NO LAG, A full shop and no glitches. This is why I have set a far enough date for me to get all this together and ready. I'll be releasing more spoilers and news as we get closer to the date of opening thanks for your time!

TL;DR Reopening 20th April, New Rules (No grace for hackers and people who cause trouble) and only Factions is reopening (for now).
Nubbies231 Back and black. So for causing trouble? How do you define that? Like what I do, is that considered "trouble". ...
3258834 Hi Jandel i have not forgotten about the server I have one question though will my staff rank of Mod be transferred?
superjail190 We need apply staff right now !
Maybe We Shouldn't Reopen!

Ok this is in response to all the hate I have received because I want to restart diplomacycraft and keep it alive. The final straw was this comment which made me realize that a lot of you have no respect for me and believe I hammed you. Please keep reading.

I hate to say this but this is probably what happened.
Gerov lost his skype.
Sayre took advantage and took last months payments.
Sayre shut down the server.
Sayre offers to put it back up
Sayre says $100 for server and 50 dollars for website
Its 8.95$ please stop trying to scam us sayre.
That is where the comment ended. I would like to clarify a few things. 

1) The only person with access to the diplomacycraft@gmail.com account that the donations went to last month is Jandel. He was supposed to forward the donations to Gerov and put Gerov's account as the one the donations went to. This was taking awhile because a minor can't get a paypal account. When we were almost ready the old donation shop malfunctioned showing only 3 items to show up so whilst I SPENT HOURS working on the donation shop to get it back up and running at which point we were gonna put Gerov's paypal in and the donations so far would be transferrerd to him and we would be hunky dory, Gerov would pay for the server and we would keep running. But Gerov fell off the face of the planet it seems around Feb. 21, the last time I received a MSG on Skype from him.

2) What happened to Gerov? To this I have no answer I believe it was school related as this is the last message I received from him;

TheRealGerov; (his Skype name)

Well I am sorry I have been have more school than normal this week... <.< I have had 6 assignments in 1 class this week and I need to week romeo and juliet and I need to do my other classes....

So I figured he'd be back in time to do whatever was necessary to renew the server but unfortunately this was not the case. Now realizing Gerov may never come back and seeing how much you all APPEARED to miss the server I decided I was willing to spend my free time trying to get diplomacycraft back up if we got the money necessary. I also decided ranks other than admin would transfer for a number of reasons I've explained multiple times. Yet, I still get accused of SCAMMING!

3) Ok can someone explain in the comments below how I scammed when the following was impossible;

• I couldn't access the paypal that any besides the past $10.00 in donations went to

• I asked for $150.00 if we wanted to restart diplomacy $50.00 being for the website which is $8.95 for 30 days but since even if diplomacy couldn't get restarted it seemed like you all wanted the website I figured that buying the $48.33 plan for 180 days would be better. Now since 180/30=6 that'd be 6 installments of about $9.00 which totals to $54.00 so buying the 180 days just made more sense, maybe I was wrong? I just thought it would be nice for the website to at least stay alive.

• You say I took the money and shutdown the server, guess what I was never even informed WHAT COMPANY WE HOSTED IT FROM even if I want to I couldn't shut down payments or make payments on the old host only Jandel and Gerov which is precisely why I'm not using the old server and just renewing factions when we raised however much factions alone would cost. That's why I am going to a new host altogether, and the $100.00 will go towards 1-3 months of a small server host where we would probably support 20-25 players and may experience lag if I go with a 3 month deal that is only $100 if I go with a $100 a month deal the quality host may be better but it is more costly. Anyways not that that matters to you all since the majority of you seem to only want to play on diplomacycraft for your ranks and not the community and or staff as I had believed.

4th and Final) You all can take a vote in the comments below if we should reopen or not! In 3 days I'll check and decide so don't donate for the new server until the vote is complete. Thank you and have a good day.
awsomepop1161 Can you reopen now please? Im so borreeeeddddd
abramgray Wat Happened.... Jeez I leave the server for a month and this happens :/
Rickimon sayre this server is my favourate server in the world i was just getting good at it when u closed it and i'm sorry if we ...

New Diplomacy

sayre1000 posted Mar 10, 14
New Diplomacy Craft
[Read Me]

     Seeing how you all want diplomacy back so much and it breaks my heart that we would end I am going to try to bring it back! We are going to start with a clean slate of everything! Donor ranks will not transfer and the rewards for donors will change. In order for this to happen we need 150$ donated by the end of this month. The donors for this new server will be compensated with an in game rank equal to the value. The server will be factions only and I hope only cost $50.00-$100.00 a month, the 50$ is for the website. If we can get this by the time this website is going to expire again I will put the server back up. Only admin staff ranks will transfer so Mods and JrMods will have to re-apply. So if you all want it back THAT bad then let's raise them funds!
1502925 I hate to say this but this is probably what happened. Gerov lost his skype. Sayre took advantage and took last months p ...
awsomepop1161 All i know is nobody is gonna play on your server now. You basically just screwed everyone. for the people that want ran ...
jables1122 FFS!!! all you disrespectful people! sayre hasn't got the money for the freaking server!!!! and donations are ment to he ...
Staying Up & Updates
[Read Me]

Hello players of Diplomacycraft! So recently we had a scare on wether we would have to shut down or not but _Nitrogen_ came and helped us out. The donation shop is working 100% so please feel free to donate. If you have donated previously you may not receive the proper % off so speak with an admin/owner before donating if this is an issue. We will also be working on getting votifier up as well as tweaking donor ranks to have less-powerful kits but many more commands. Any suggestions to breath new life into this server are appreciated and please keep player.

~Sayre1000 :D

Spicy_Sausage Besides, you can't go down. Ever since another server changed hosts, I've been using Diplomacy's interface for all my in ...
Im_da_best123 Today is also the last day on the forums, we can no-longer chat here, If you are reading this, I'd just like to say good ...
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